Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Cocktails Galore

Have you ever wondered how cocktails came about? I was just really curious and did a little delving around and found out that the term "cocktail" was first used in the village of Elmsford in Weschester County, New York after a local bar ran out of stirrers and resorted to use a cock's tail feathers to stir the drink and that’s how the name cocktail came about. Funny ain’t it

My dear friend in med, hooi wen decided to celebrate her birthday and catch up with us over cocktails last Friday at a cocktail bar called Distill.

Distill has a classy lounge atmosphere with superior cocktails I must say. It’s very chilled and conveniently situated on Rundle street and is well known for as an ‘after work stop’ especially among the young doctors from RAH. So single girls out there who want a handsome young doctor, you know where to go now ;)

They have a wide ,very exquisite range of cocktails. The funny thing about the menu was how they had little tiny prints under each drink about how so called healthy the main ingredient of the cocktail is. Example : Passion fruit is high in vitamin A, which helps vision and building strong and healthy bones.

My first drink was called Del Mar. I really love anything to do with passion fruit and when I saw this on the menu—I HAD to have it .After taking a sip of the cocktail—an image of having a refreshing cocktail under the Caribbean sky and enjoying the lively entertainment in the popular Aruba clubs and bars came to my mind..If only I was in the Caribbean’s and not in Lil ‘old Adelaide .

And yes.. it is really a flaming passion fruit pulp and not my camera playing up. The flame is to caramelize the sugar placed in it and you’re suppose to tip it over to add a little sweet effect to the drink and trust me you really do need what ever sweetness you can get.

Another one of my favorites was a cocktail called Viper room. I’m not a strawberry person. Well let s put it this way, I love fresh strawberries but hate anything else with it for example strawberry ice cream or sweets. This drink contained red bull, black vodka, strawberry liquor and mulberry jam! It sounds like a weird combo right?.. but it tasted really nice! I strongly recommend it if u’re a strawberry lover

All in all it was a great night out after a stressful week in the hospital. OH and the bartenders were quite cute too J

A point to remember girls, cocktails can make you high very fast if u have a low tolerance rate- certified by my dad ( I called home the next day to tell dad all about it and the first thing he said was- BE careful with cocktails k it seems harmless and refreshing but its NOT )

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