Saturday, 7 July 2007


The mission was to get the princess some lobsters!And boy, was the mission accomplished well. I was having one of 'those' craving sessions again..and this time it was for lobsters. I don't eat much seafood in Adelaide besides prawns and fish. Therefore, i get my 6 monthly smörgåsbord of seafood when i go home.

It was a beautiful evening and my parents and i headed towards Teluk Bahang where fishermen hawk their catch and seafood- crazy diners enjoy their favorite seafood every way possible.

We ended up in one of our favourite little seafood restaurants that served delicious seafood dishes.We wanted the luscious crustacean's meat to be preserved with its natural flavour and not drowned in herbs or spices and ordered a grilled lobster with just salt and pepper.

It was really fresh and i strongly feel that it tastes better eating it by the beach, where the salty tang of sea air enhances its flavour.

We ordered a theochew stlye steamed fish and 2 vegetable dishes. One of the vegetable dishes that we tried was fried "yau mak veges with "tau joo"(romaine lettuce stir-fried with fermented beancurd) and it was really nice.

Half way through the meal, my dad wanted more lobster and we tried the lobster thermador(grilled cheese). Cheesy things are just not my cup of tea and therefore i enjoyed the grilled lobster better.
After the meal, the princess's cravings was satisfied and she had a BIG grin on her face.

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