Monday, 4 June 2007

There's Nothing like Home

After 18 long weeks(but somehow felt like 100 years) of paediatrics and O&G all i was looking forward to was to return home. I reached back home last night after being entertained by my fellow Malaysian-classmates on the flight in one piece but with a stomach which was yelling' FEED me FEED me! And of course being in malaysia, where food stalls are open 24/7 i fulfilled my demanding stomach's wishes with a big plate of nasi kandar.

The day started off today by being awaken by the rosters crowing outside..YES real rosters and not my alarm clock that sounds like it. For those of you who haven't heard my annoying hp alarm that wakes up the whole house every me its ANNOYING. As soon as i heard it and like what i do every morning, was to search franticly in the dark to turn it off!After pushing practically everything off my bed, the annoying sound was still there. I suddenly jumped out of bed thinking i was really late and lost 2 hours of my study time and being really upset that i ruined my study plan. (yea, yeah..i know what u're thinking..WAT A NERD..but with practically 1/2 the topics still left to cover in only 3 days u'll be desperate too)Then i thought to myself,' Wait a minute, my exams are over and i'm home!' After a big sigh of relief i tried to sleep but all i could think of was 'What should i have for breakfast?' :)

i ate practically everything you can think of today and can endlessly keep ranting about my food adventures but will settle with just telling you about the highlights.
The highlight of my day today was tea- time. Pa and ma wanted to take me for high tea today and we did actually go into a hotel to check the menu out but something just didn't feel right. I just knew all those lovely cakes on display will not satisfy my taste buds.

I was in an eating mood but just couldn't pin point what exactly i wanted. And all of a sudden i DID! i didn't want to eat in any fancy hotels, all i wanted was my sup kambing( mutton soup) by the roadside!!!

If you're from penang and haven't noticed that every single mamak restaurant has started serving an array of soups then all i can say is..are you blind?????

However, no big mamak restaurant can keep up to my favorite 'SUP HAMEED' stall. The weather was quite bad today with a few 'spitting sessions' but was just right for a soup day. I ordered just a normal sup kambing and nothing fancy-smancy.

I'm really not into eating 'other' parts of an animal besides just its meat. No tails or testicles or brains or what ever part you can think of will be the same as just the plain meat!

Normally, the soup is served with 2 slices of bengalli bread but i had a craving for roti telur. It wasn't the best i must say but the soup sure was!

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