Sunday, 6 May 2007

One person can make a difference

“One person can make a difference” John Fitzgerald Kennedy quotes (American 35th US President (1961-63)

I really like this quote, and think it’s true. Think about it, Mother Teresa whose primary task was to love and care for those persons nobody was prepared to look after started off on her own and made a difference.

The quote was reiterated last night when I watched the biggest (with a production budget due north of $250 million) and longest (clocking in at 139 minutes) and quite possibly the capper of a trilogy featuring the current talent lineup, "Spider-Man 3. Just like Superman, he saved many lives and made a difference on his own.

Anyway, back to reality, i personally feel one person can make a difference. When you’re down and a close friend lends a shoulder to cry on or even just a few philosophical phrases from your parents can brighten up your day. A cup of coffee and cake and lots of gossip with a girlfriend can turn your day 360 degrees around.

Listening to your mom or dad laugh over the phone or even say they’re really proud of you can make you all warm and fuzzy u can’t deny that.

It may sound bizarre but even a stranger can make a difference to you. When you’re walking down the gloomy road after along day at work and feel that you’re all alone in a foreign world and all of a sudden a passerby gives you a warm really does wonders!

What about things? Hmmph.. I sure know what makes me happy and almost every girl…Its definitely NOT men..its CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment! I can’t imagine life without chocolate..its like a beach without water.

Another thing that makes me really happy and never fails to brighten up my day when I’m stressed out is the market. Only dry ones of course!

The market here is a cornucopia in everyway. The wide spectrum of colours of fresh fruits and vegetables.

People from all walks of life walking around.

Kids with their faces painted playing hide and seek in between the stalls or just tugging onto their mother’s skirts and good music playing in the background by unknown musicians who have big dreams of making it big one day.

The scene of old lovely couples walking down the aisle holding hands choosing fresh grapes and strawberries which has been part of their routine for maybe the past 30 years together never fails to intrigue me.

And not to forget smell of fresh bread lingering in the air and familiar smells of char keoy teow when you walk past the food court. Aahh how can anyone not like the market.

so wat makes you happy ?

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