Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Pandan Jelly Roll

I was craving for kaya( coconut jam) and even more for Pandan Swiss roll. But the thought of standing over the stove for HOURS to make the kaya was a major turn off! However, after Ioyces from Our Cooking Escapades left a message that she made kaya in the microwave, a sudden urge to satisfy my craving overwhelmed me.

whole roll

The kaya recipe was done following the recipe from Lily's Blog. Its really fast and easy to make. A BIG farewell to the traditional kaya making! Not that i'm mocking the traditional way, but to me personally, this recipe is so much easier and faster.

bread and coffee

Having kaya on toasted bread with a little dash of margarine over a hot cup of white coffee..heavenly!!!!

The recipe is as follows :

5 eggs (280 gm)
280 gm sugar
200 ml thick coconut milk
a pinch of salt
1/4 tsp of powdered vanillin


1. Stir and whip all ingredients except vanillin in a glass bowl to break up the eggs. Strain mixture.
2. Microwave uncovered for 5 mins on level 4(i am using 1000 watts) and then stir. Repeat again 5 mins on level 4, by now the mixture will be thicker.
3. Continue to Microwave for 3 mins on level 3, remove from microwave and stir. the custard should be thickened by now.
4. This time, cover with cling wrap and leave an opening for steam, microwave on level 2 for 5 mins.
5. Remove wrap and stir while adding in the vanillin and let it cool.

Note- I used 1/4 tsp drops of Vanilla essence instead of powdered vanillin and it worked for me. I wanted it to be pandan flavoured so i added 2 drops of pandan essence to the recipe

As for my swiss roll, it was my first time making it. I was always under the impression that swiss rolls are really hard to make and therefore the idea of making it intimidated me. But after reading how East Meets West was on the roll with her swiss rolls, i decided to try it out too.

Since i could not find a good recipe for Pandan sponge cake, i decided to improvise.I found a sponge cake recipe on Delicious days. Click here for the recipe. I added a few drops of Pandan essence to the recipe. I don't know why but my sponge cake turned out to be a half cake + half hard jelly. But guess what i really liked it. I remember we use to get Pandan Jelly cakes at the bakery when in Malaysia and this truly reminded me of that.If you can figure out where i went wrong please let me know..Its still a BIG mystery to me. But like they say...everything happens for a reason.


Ps: Iocyes, here's a picture of the pan i used. My housemate bought it from Myers. But i'm sure you can find it in any cookery shop or even woolies.


daphne said...

Oh! I have to try the kaya recipe!! Good stuff.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Will send you my recipe soon. Btw, you have a nice blog here! :)

ioyces said...

hi Culinary Princess!!
Your pandan jelly kaya roll looks yummy and very interesting!! Thanks for the picture of the swiss roll tray!! For the pandan essence...which brand did you get? I tried 'Maharaja's' and it tasted quite artificial...hee...you are my new cooking utensil/ ingredient resource in Adelaide!! :P

culinaryprincess said...

daphne- ya you should its so easy! let me know how it goes when u try it :)

Eastmeetswest- Thanx so much for emailing the recipe. will try it out soon since my swiss roll was finished in less than one day.

iocyes-haha i'm happy to help out anytime. I used this indonesian brand called 'koepoe-koepoe'aroma pandan it has a picture of a butterfly on it. Got it from Kim Wang in china town. i think any asian grocer will have it. Good luck finding it.

Dharm said...

Your swiss roll looks grrreattt! I've never been able to roll a swiss roll so well - it always cracks. I'm amazed you have so much time to cook/bake being a student and a med student at that! Found something else that we both have in common - NUTELLA!
Be Well!

culinaryprincess said...

hiee Dharm! Thanx for the compliments.I'll share a secret with u, i cook and bake when i;m stressed out.And i hardly watch tv in my spare time cause i rather bake ;)

Christy said...

Nice pics!! Looks so green..:D
You have a great blog!:)

dorz said...

Hi I have been wanting to make kaya, this recipe looks easy. After I read this, I was trying to get the vanillin. is it the same about vanillin sugar? If not, where do you think I can get it in adelaide?


culinaryprincess said...

Hiee dorz!!U're from adelaide too!!Vanillin is just like vanilla essence. I just used 1/4 tsp of vanilla essence and it worked out well..good luck

Nat said...

I've been looking for pandan leaves in Adelaide (that's how I found your blog), and today at the markets by pure chance, I had success!
Can't remember the name of the place, but it's the little asian supermarket (and I mean little) just across from 'Aces bar and bistro'. they had them individually wrapped in bunches in their fridge section. Yaay! Great blog, btw.