Monday, 23 July 2007

House of Fine Chocolate..the place to be!!!

I've been in Adelaide for about 4 1/2 years now, and i must admit i was pretty upset with the limited options for dessert parlours here when i first came. I felt that it was REALLY unfair that Sydney for example had Max Brenner and Pancakes on the rocks for good desserts but Adelaide had NOTHING that i fancied!

However, i happened to come across this little chocolate dessert shop which is located on the bustling Jetty Road located in Glenelg last year..and ohh my goodness...I loved Adelaide 100 times more!Its called Bracegirdle's House of Fine Chocolate..and yes it definitely is!

Adelaide is like Penang i must say..We're always the last to get the good stuff. We only got Chills
THIS YEAR in Penang..ya THIS year i repeat.

As for Adelaide, Star bucks came to town only last year and there's still no sign of Coffee Bean!

Anyway, back to Bracegirdle, it was the best dessert! i love the waffles there, as well as the chocolate sticky date pudding.

Their chocolate fondues are quite popular too i must say. They even have a lollies fondue which i haven't quite brought myself to try even though it sounds and looks interesting.

I'm normally adventurous when it comes to food but the waffles and chocolate SD pudding taste so good that every time i go there i just eat the same thing.They use Belgian chocolate in their desserts and handmade truffles.

Oh and guess what? They recently opened a joint on Greenhill Road and i am like 5 minutes drive away from it. Bracegirdle's really has a lovely ambience with original timber floors and just makes you feel at home when you're there.

Very homely and cozy. Its a nice place for an afternoon rendezvous in summer after having a nice stroll down the sandy beach of Glenelg or for a cup of hot chocolate and cake in winter.

Guess what they have right at the entrance?? A giant chocolate fountain!!Trust me, you'll be seduced by the glorious aroma of the melted chocolate! So, just follow your nose and enjoy *cheeky grin*


niva said...

like ko said this place makes adelaide a heaven to be in.. im their biggest FAN!!! the min i walk in they know what i want.!! Dark Hot Chocolate extra warm!! YUMMMOOOO

Anonymous said...

the waffles looks amazing:)