Sunday, 8 July 2007

More cupcakes!

I read alot of food blogs daily..Its like my daily dose of caffeine that i need EVERYDAY if not i start getting withdrawal symptoms and start thinking about it all day..*hehe*

When it comes to baking I'm still not too confident in making up my own recipes. You see, unlike cooking you can't really taste as you go in baking..once its in the oven the deed is done and you're kinda forced to eat up the whole batch of baked goods. As for cooking, you can adjust the flavour until you're happy with it.

I came across a unique Gateau Suprise Chocolat Pistache recipe from 101 cookbooks .
My housemates and i were having a few friends over for a cook up and decided to try out the recipe.

I must admit i only "supervised" the making of the cupcakes and didn't do much *guilty look*. Well like they say 'too many cooks spoil the broth' hence i was just preventing it from happening *hehe*

It turned out pretty well i must say and its going to be on our "good recipes list". The only thing that we felt was that the taste of the pistachios wasn't strong enough.

Therefore, the next time we make it we're going to add more pistachios to the recipe and not chop it up too fine. I'm not going to type the recipe out again cause you can find it here .

Its best eaten hot as you'll get to taste the effect of hot melted chocolate oozing out :)

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