Friday, 17 August 2007

A night to Remember

Being an eager fetus in my mother’s womb, I decided to pop out 2 months earlier and on the 13th of August. Meanwhile, in another labour room after all the puffing and screaming, my dear friend Jun came in to the world 2 days later on the 15th of August. Of course from a different mother!

As our friendship slowly developed in the past 5 years here in Adelaide, I came to know a young lady of great strength of will and character. Being Leo’s we have the same taste and mind you that’s good taste *hehe* and similar principles in life. We’ve been celebrating our birthdays together almost every year.

This year, the verdict was to go to a cozy-chilled back place where we can let our hair down and relax. No pish-posh place where we need to control our loud voices and where Hooi Wen needs to control her hyper excited self.

We decided to go to Tap Inn which is a pub+ dinning bistro. The reason for our choice of place was to try out their tapas from their extensive tapas menu. Tap Inn has 54 tapas on their menu to try from!

As usual we kinda went overboard..... We tried at least 2-3 from each category. The seafood tapas were our favourites for the night.

Since the night was still young, we headed off to Boho’s, the local bohemian retreat, for some cocktails.

I absolutely love the deco of the bar. With can-can mannequin dancers and trapeze artistes hanging from the ceiling, you’re one step closer to having a Paris Moulin Rouge extravaganza!

After hearing so much about absinthe thrills, we grabbed the opportunity to do so. My vote was to try the flaming fairy which is a blend of French absinthe, apple and cinnamon. Read the line again! Do you see the word APPLE….NOW you know why I wanted to try it.

We were in the spirit of internationalism and after trying something from France we wanted something from Germany. The Black forest cocktail was a creation of Chambord and chocolate with not to forget cherries!

Bombay Sweetness which was a mix of Bombay sapphire gin, apple, elderflower was on our must have list.

After Boho bar, if you think we called it a night, you’re WRONG! We wanted to experience the sights and sounds of Adelaide at night. We headed to Windy point to enjoy the spectacular view of Adelaide and to remind us that Adelaide is not just a rectangular box as what people perceive it to be.

Being born on an Island with water all around you every corner you turn, guess where our next stop was just so that we could feel closer to home?? Glenelg!! After being so caught up in our “what’s been happening throughout the week and in life” session we forgot about our presents!

Being really helpful friends, we decided to help give Dave a BIG hint on Jun’s unconditional love for Tiffany and Co jewellery. Hooi Wen came up with the brilliant idea of wrapping up Jun’s present in T&C colour themes. Boy, did she find that highly amusing.

And being a cooking and baking freak I made life so easy for them on what to get for me.
“ How to be a domestic goddess” by Nigella Lawson was my gift from them with BIG hints that they’ve been deprived of good food.

It was a night to remember with my 2 dearest girlfriends I must say with deep dark secrets being revealed more and more as the night went by. Cheers girls!


Jun said...

hey! i didn't know this post (and ur cocktail party's) was up! thought u wud've been too busy preparing for broken hill... can't wait for u to get back ok!!! *hugs!*

Anonymous said...

i love the the looks of the place the food and the drinks......
too bad theres no place like that here in manila:(

Nirmala said...

It's good to see you back. It looks like you had a ton of fun. Celebrating with friends is just the best. Happy Birthday!

tankiasu said...

Can I join you girls next time! :P Kekeke..those tapas look really great.

culinaryprincess said...

jun- i wrote them up in broken hill cause i had LOTS of spare time since i didn't want to study..ain't i naught..*hehe*

culinaryprincess said...

docchef- i bet there are nice places in manila with ur own cuisines that we can't get here..u can always take a trip to aussie land to enjoy the food here :P

Nirmala- i just got back actually on the 24th of august..i wrote the post up in Broken hill

Tankiasu- Cannn..just get ur butt to adelaide first!!!

Anonymous said...

place and food looks terrific...