Monday, 25 June 2007

Streets of Bangkok

We spent alot of time strolling the streets of Bangkok. We hardly walk around in Malaysia, but ironically even though it was really humid and hot we walked alot in Bangkok. I think its just a very tourist thing to do.

One thing i didn't fail to notice were the numerous street food stalls. A whiff of the freshly cooked food is all you need to distract you from shopping.In keeping with the "philosophy" of "doing what the Romans do when in Rome", it's a great way to be like the locals when it comes to meal times.

Crispy Pancakes with Fillings (Khanom Buang) is one of the popular snacks you can find. It looks very alike to Mexican tacos. These pancakes are topped with coconut cream before various toppings are placed on them.

The two common toppings that
one can choose are the sweet filling: containing shredded coconut and golden threads (egg yolk strips) and the salty filling: shredded coconut and chopped spring onions.

Crispy deep fried chicken is also another rather common street snack. Even though it sounds really unhealthy AND is really unhealthy, its really tasty and you would crave for more after you've had one.

I realized that on the contrary,most of their street foods are rather healthy,besides the fried chicken of course. Take for example,these bbq bananas !! yup its barbecued and not your ordinary deep fried banana fritters you get or more commonly known as goreng pisang in Malaysia. The bananas are barbecued and then caramelized.

While walking in China town, i came across this little stall that caught my attention. Fried quail eggs anyone???? Interesting eh?

Everywhere in the city you will see street vendors selling fresh fruits, guava, pineapple, papaya, and lots of other exotic fruits. It was the best refreshment on those hot tropical days. Another strange thing that i saw while walking along the streets was this:

HAHAHA how funny is that, the anatomy of the brain in the middle of nowhere!!!Oh well, medical students will always be medical students :)


aunty viv said...

what an interesting place and the pix are gorgeous. yes, bangkok will be the next destination for jun and me!

The great one said...

hiee aunty..thanx for the compliment..Ya Bangkok is quite a nice place and has good food too. I bet you and jun will love it!