Friday, 15 June 2007

Top 3 Things That amused Me in Bangkok

Guess who's back?? I know all of u missed me..but what can i say..the princess needed a break and was off to Bangkok for 4 days. It was a GREAT holiday and i got pampered heaps...just like a princess...hehe :)

Bangkok was better than i expected it to be. I thought it would be really dusty, dirty and not as developed as it is at present.

These are a few things that amused me:

1. The cabs
I was awoken by my excited mother way earlier than expected..but why am i not suprised.. :) Therefore, i was having a lil siesta in the cab from Savarnabhumi Airport to bangkok city. However, every time i woke up when the driver braked or honked other cars, this weird BRIGHT SHOCKING pink objects were seen zooming past from the corner of my eye. Thinking my contacts were playing up and cause i was still in lala land i ignored them and went back to sleep. And went we reached the hotel..guess what was parked right in front of it??... The bright pink object, which happens to be one of the popular colours of the cabs in Bangkok.

2. How much thai's respect their King

We were leaving the hotel on Monday and were engulfed by a sea of people in yellow walking around and we immediately assumed they must all work in the same place or something.

Not till a local thai person explained that with Monday being the day of the King’s birth, and associated with the colour yellow, to celebrate the King’s 60th year on the throne in 2006, everyone wears yellow shirts on Mondays. Although 2006 was the anniversary, the thai's still wear yellow on Mondays and probably will throughout this year.

And despite the political and social problems in Thailand, as well as any negative aspects of being ruled by a monarchy, it is great to see one thing draw all the people together. The King's picture can be found hanging in front of most buildings and can also be found on round-abouts in Bangkok.

3. College girls uniforms

I was really amazed at the uniforms the Thai girls were dolled up in. I must admit that almost 90% of them look really good and look like they just finished doing the catwalk down a runway. The standard uniform is a black skirt and white blouse just like any other uniform you find around the world. But let me assure you that it isn't. The girls have turned the mundane uniform into a very sexy fashion statement. Parading around with white tops that a at least 2 sizes too small ,their micro mini skirt, impossibly high 6 inches heels, little tiny handbags( only things that can possibly fit in there are a mobile phone, purse and a micro sized note pad) and not to forget fully rebounded straight hair- these almost identical looking girls can be found roaming around in Siam square
( one of the most famous shopping malls in Bangkok). And to top it all, can you believe that there is in an annual Bangkok award given to the college with the 'Cutest Techno girl uniform of the year!!


niva said...

hoow do u know about the techno girl thing?? weird la u!! where's pics of the FOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

i miss thailand!!