Monday, 16 July 2007

Big Table @ Central Market

BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!i love having breakfast out and trying new places. A change of environment once in awhile is good as compared to staring at the same 4 walls of your kitchen day in and day out.

As stated in one of my previous post on how i LOVE the markets, i decided to spend my Saturday morning there this week. My house mate and i were willing to forgo our weekend sleep in session just to have breakfast in Big Table which is one of my favourite breakfast joints in Adelaide.

Its a little corner shop in the market where you just sit around on little kitchen stools
, enjoy your breakfast and wash it down with a giant cappuccino to the cacophony of sounds and aromas of the lively marketplace.

Their milkshakes are really thick and rich too!

Big table is well known for their homemade mayo and basil pesto which is made fresh daily. They have a wide menu selection of sweet and savory dishes. Here's a little 'sneak' preview of their menu
  • Green eggs and ham
  • Big Brekkie- the lot served with fat toast or baguette
  • Scrambled eggs any which way
  • French toast with rhubarb and maple syrup
  • Japanese fruit toast you can't jump over
  • Porridge with honey, banana and cinnamon

Mon and I were in the mood for something sweet..i think its a girl thing..*hehe* and settled for the
- French toast with rhubarb and maple syrup

- waffles with fresh strawberries and ice cream( i know its winter and no one has ice cream for breakfast BUT i DO ).

We really liked the French toast with rhubarb but found the waffles just ordinary if you know what i mean. Nothing can beat the waffles in Bracegirdle or at The Store.
They also serve lunch and have a great selection of baguettes, fresh salads, muffins and the winter hearty soup from the cauldron that warms the soul.

So if you're at the markets and can't decide where to eat, give Big Table a go!


culinaryprincess said...

sometimes i wonder if anyone reads my blog..i used to always be a silent reader in other blogs but have changed...:)

don't be afraid in voicing ur opinions here..even if its just to give a negative might be constructive to me.

Jun said...

eh eh! i do i do!! (and so does my mom!) ;p