Monday, 18 June 2007

Dome in Bangkok

Like always, I did my research on where to dine for the best food places in Bangkok before leaving. And knowing my *ahem*..expensive taste, i came across a blog that raved about Dome. Dome at the state tower situated atop Lebua Hotel, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Thailand.

There are 5 different restaurants in Dome.

1. Sirocco
Jutting into the city skyline like the deck of a flying ship, Sirocco has a lovely entrancing glow Sky Bar.Sirocco serves Mediterranean food of excellent quality.

Part DJ bar, part smoking lounge, part restaurant, Distil combines the comforts of the casual with the distinction of the upscale .

Located on the 64th floor of State Tower, it features the most amazing view of Chao Praya River and Bangkok 's city.

They have quite a few desserts to choose from. After our exhausting shopping spree , we decided to stop by for a drink and dessert. A girl never says no to dessert!!!

Granny smith apple 'tarte' with caramel ice cream and balsamic , and Strawberry shavings was what i had. It was unique i must say and i've not had anything like it before.

They also have an oyster bar that serves fresh imported oysters which can be accompanied by a selection of champagne.


Mezzaluna serves top quality Italian food.
Everything from the fresh vegetables to the aged cheese, from the unfrozen meats to the unprocessed grains and pasta flour, are all genuinely Italian in origin, assembled by the skilled hands.

4. The State Room

It is located on the 67th floor and caters for special cooperate functions. It has its on independent gourment kitchen, menu and staff.


It's a newly open restaurant and serves fresh, delicious seafood.

My truthful opinion about this place- the view is spectacular, and its a must visit place. However, one small down fall -i was quite disappointed with the cutlery they used( i know its not a big thing to some people, but one would expect good cutlery to be used in such a well known place) + you can't take photos of the view or settings..hmmph!


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NOT FAIR!!!!!!! I ALSO WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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