Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Variety Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Mee is also known as Tok-tok Mee from the sound of knocking bamboo sticks made by the vendors in former times to draw attention to their food, of a dish of egg noodles and wontons with sliced barbecued pork and vegetables. It is served either dry with soya sauce and sesame oil, or in a clear pork stock. Penang Wan Than Mee or Tok-tok Mee is also a spin off from Hong Kong, but Hong Kong style is served with dumplings or either with sliced barbecued pork.

However, this little stall which is located on Church Street is not your everyday Wan Tan Mee hawker stall. The title of post says it serves a variety of Wan Tan Mee dishes.

I only discovered it recently cause my dear friend Lai Fong could not stop raving about it and due to severe peer pressure(just kidding ;) ) i gave in and decided to try..hehe the experience was memorable due to the mouth watering noodles!

There's about 14 different types of Wan Tan Mee to choose from and don't expect to get your classical Want Tan Mee here, cause you're not going to get it. The stall has an array of choices to choose from. From Chicken curry noodles, chicken drunken noodles to a simple dish of mushroom noodles.

I tried the drunken chicken noodles and the mushroom chicken noodles which i preferred better. The chicken was soo tender and juicy and the vegetables were so crispy.Eaten with finely chopped vinegared green chilies.. a PERFECT breafast/ lunch meal is all i can say!

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