Thursday, 3 May 2007

Simple and quick chicken rolls

After being on call for 24hours for my O&G rotation, my whole system was screwed. My poor little tummy was doing back flips throughout the night. I was hyper though when i got home in the morning. A little adrenalin from the pregnant ladies in labour sneakily sipped into me i guess. i felt great and felt like i could go on for another 24 hours without sleep. However, once my heavy head hit my large fluffy pillow, i was in zzz land faster than my preparation of my 2 min instant noodles. When the little princess woke up all she wanted was a yummy but quick dinner!

My freezer was over packed with chicken and i decided to make a simple chicken roll.

-A packet of Lebanese bread rolls
-2 chicken breast
-2 table spoons of 'tikka masala'
-2 tablespoons of fresh yogurt
-salsa dip

Just marinate the chicken breast with the tikka masala and yogurt for about 10 minutes and grill it. I have a grilling hot pan which i used and grilled it for about 10minutes.

i was in the mood for something with a little spice kick and used tikka masala but you can grill your chicken anyway you like it.

Next , cut the chicken into thin strips and put aside. Spread a little salsa and yogurt onto your Lebanese bread and decorate it with fresh lettuce and tomatoes or what ever u wish like adding and not to forget your chicken.

The hardest part of this roll is actually rolling it up. A little tip that i have picked up along the way is to roll is up in foil and it STAYS!

I'm a really clumsy person and the kind that can not eat a proper yiros without half of it ending up on the floor and this works miraculously.

I can't eat my dinner without vegetables and decided to use up my asparagus . I just pan-fried it with olive oil and pepper and it went well with my rolls.

These rolls are really easy to make and a good pick-up and run lunch meal. Try adding cheese and grilling it with your favourite filling..yummylicious is all i can say.


Anonymous said...

Goodness babe! The whole blog is filled with pics of food! And man that chicken roll looks good! It's 10pm here and you're making me hungry even after I had a nice full dinner. :p Well, I guess it wouldn't be right if it didn't happen that way. We are after all the most perfect in-crime eating partners! ;)-fongbi-

niva said...

HIEE its the chocoholic sister making an appearance!!! i LOURVE CHOCOLATES!! I have this quote on my fridge-- I'd give up chocolate but im not a quitter!!!!