Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Mother's day dedication!

This post is dedicated to all the mothers who read my blog and especially to my mom!
I can't remember the last time my sister and i celebrated mother's day with our lovely mother. We've been away from home for so long :( And its always times like this that we miss home the

On Sunday, the celebration had to go on even though our special guest 'our mom' wasn't present. The day started off with the tradition- breakfast in bed. My sister and i made banana pancakes topped with melted hazelnut chocolate paste and had it all for ourselves *wink*

It was a bright and sunny day and a really good change compared to the cold gloomy weather we had the past week. And as i wrote in my old entry, we went APPLE PICKING!!!!

It was arranged by our malaysian medical student society in Mt Lofty. The scenic view on the way up Mt Lofty was breath taking. We headed up to the orchard in the afternoon.

The orchard had all the types of apples anyone could ever imagine. We broke up into little groups and headed out with buckets in our hands to pick the lovely apples.

We wandered through the 200 acre orchard,breathing the crisp fall air while eating and trying the apples off the trees. The best part it, you get to eat as many apples as you want and get to try it fresh off the tree!

Before we even picked our apples, we already had big plans for them..we made a list throughout the past week of lovely recipes that we could make.

By the time we reached the end of the orchard, trust me all of us were sooo sick of apples..hehe We kept eating away and had to practice our quality control skills on the apples.

The tree's were not that tall, but there were ladders to pick the hard to reach ones. I've been strawberry , raspberry and of course picking our local malaysian fruits but never apple picking! It was a good experience.

After picking our apples, a few of us headed over to my house to have a dessert party and a catch up session.We've all been so busy in different hospitals and its so easy to lose touch with people. Guess what the main ingredients were in all our items...APPLES + LOVE.

We made the boys core the apples and cut them and we did the easy job of putting the ingredients together. We made a delicious apple pie, chocolate apple brownies, apple and cinnamon waffles and the spice apple cake again since everyone loved it the last time. I'll put up all the recipes soon when i have the time.

And of course all these sinful desserts were made specially for all our mother's back home in malaysia and for Mindi, Dubai.But were eaten up by us. Happy mother's Day Ma. We love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl looks like you got lots of time..

The great one said...

ahha i wish :) as u can see i haven't updated my blog in a while. exams are round the corner!wish me luck ;)