Friday, 1 March 2013

De Sate

After a tiring week at work, we didn't feel like cooking and decided to head out for a meal. As the fringe is currently on in the city, we decided to have dinner close by to avoid the city traffic.
We heard about De Sate few months ago, when my parents were visiting from Malaysia and they walked past it one evening during their evening stroll. It is quite easily missed when you drive on busy Magill road otherwise.
De Sate is an Indonesian restaurant which has been around for a few months.
As soon as I walked in, the smell of freshly grilled satay reminded me of home. The decorations and environment was cosy. Hubby was attracted by the old school bicycle that was part of the restaurant's decoration and felt nostalgic.
We ordered chicken satay, nasi goreng and sup kambing ( lamb soup).
I was impressed by the size of the portions. Normally, you only get 4 sticks of satay for ~ 6 aussie dollars. But we got 8 sticks of satay with lontong ( better known as ketupat by us Malaysians) for $8.50.
The sup kambing reminded me of home and how i used to have this dish for supper with my friends. It was $8.50 as well.
Hubby had Nasi goreng. We asked for it to be spicy and it suited our palate, however if you are not used to spicy food just ask for it to be mild. It came with 2 sticks of satay, prawn crackers and fried egg with a price of $12.50.
Overall, we were happy with the food. The only downfall is the limited choices on the menu. For those of you who are muslim, you would be happy to know that De Sate is halal.
We would definitely be returning. Bon appetite!
Service- 9/10
Food- 8.5/10
Environment- cosy
Pricing- reasonable.
Shop 2, 437 Magill Rd
St Morris, SA 5068